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Permit our seasoned lawyer to advocate for you and your loved ones on concerns affecting seniors such as Medicaid, prolonged care preparation, advance directives, retirement, and other essential matters.

When your family members confronts a difficult situation with a family member such as a stroke, requires a nursing home or requires a probate proceeding, an elder law attorney can help. You need a knowledgeable lawyer with knowledge in the field. We understand local regulations and can help you get the greatest results. The Law Office of Somekh & Associates have many years of experience dealing with these important issues. We make things easier to plan for your future and ensure that all legal matters are taken care of, safeguarding your possessions and carrying out your wishes. For this good reason, Somekh & Associates are mindful that the seniors needs likely exceed the fundamental legal services, and we have connections to a network of professionals who assist you or your loved one. We advocate for the seniors and their loved ones, helping with concerns connected to health care, retirement, guardianship, Medicare and Medicaid and estate planning among others. By focusing on the needs of the more mature population, we take care of daily issues like planning for the foreseeable future and assisted living, should this situation be required. An elder care lawyer can help with a wide array of problems, including:

• Discussing the importance of creating a will, planning your estate, probate proceedings and caring for a disabled or special needs family member.

• Produce a legally binding power of attorney.

• Assist with health care and planning, including Medicare/Medicaid help and support, patient rights, assisted living options and extended care options.

• Assist with financial matters, like income, estate, and tax.

• Explain the rights of residents in nursing homes and help with any claims.

• Draft living wills, including powers of attorney. Choosing Somekh & Associates as your Law Firm Somekh & Associates takes this advocacy seriously.

We regularly represent clients that have been penalized by the legal system, taking them all the way before the Supreme Court and Surrogate’s Court of New York State, civil courts, and appellate magistrates. The judicial proceeding service that we offer also encompasses recovery of property, substantial estate matters and dispersal of assets. We are extremely focused and will do everything possible to realize your objectives.

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