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When your family faces a difficult situation with an elder family member such as a stroke, needs a nursing home or a probate proceeding, Elder Care Lawyers can help. You need an experienced lawyer with knowledge in the field.

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Our Queens attorneys understand local laws and can help you get the best results. The Law Office of Somekh & Associates have years of experience dealing with elder care law.
As Elder Care Lawyers, we support the elderly and their loved ones. We handle a broad range of legal matters that can affect older persons and their families. These issues can include health care, Social Security, retirement, guardianship, planning for long-term care and other vital matters.

At Somekh & Associates we are considered specialists in this area, as we focus on the needs of seniors, whose issues can be more complicated and more focused than the needs of the general population.

We are trained and equipped to handle both basic estate planning and financial matters and daily concerns affecting the elderly, like life planning and assisted living. We are also more prepared to deal with a wide variety of taxing situations and their accompanying sensitive and physical needs.

If you are debating whether or not you or your family member needs to hire the services of an elder care lawyer, take into consideration that the issues that this population faces are multifaceted, and there are many complicated steps to each process. A qualified elder care attorney will assist you in handling any problems that you are facing now or might face in the future.

How Elder Law Attorneys Can Help You

Elder law attorneys incorporate many features of planning which can include different professions, including quality of life, financial planning, health and long-term care. Our purpose is to preserve the elder’s assets while they are still alive and to make sure they have the best quality of life in many aspects.

Our elder law attorneys can help with a variety of issues, including:

• Discussing wills and their importance, along with estate planning and probate proceedings

• Produce powers of attorney

• Help with health care and planning, health care power of attorney, Medicare and
patients’ rights

• Provide financial representation in regards to financial planning, estate, income, retirement, etc.

• Assist with locating long-term care, either at home or in an institution and help file any claims.

• Help with selecting and appointing a legal guardian.

• Clarify patients’ rights when living in a nursing home and file any necessary claims.

• Draw up a living will

• Elder Law Asset Protection

Elder Care Attorneys with Knowledge of Elder Law

Professional Lawyers for Wills

It is crucial that your loved one establishes a will while they are still capable of doing so. When creating a will, there are certain rules you have to follow, such as being of sound mind, expressly stating that this is your will and appoint your executor.

When you employ Somekh & Associates, our experienced elder care attorneys can assist in both the writing and preparation as well as the execution of the will when the time comes. We can also help in establishing a power of attorney and plan any end-of-life decisions, such as a do not resuscitate order.

In this day and age, it’s very tempting to try and do the will yourself. However, finding attorneys for wills is a vital step in the process, as you can rest assured that everything will be up to legal code and there are no mistakes. Lawyers who do wills focus on all the issues related to wills, arguments and how to distribute the deceased person’s inheritance. Will execution is most commonly referred to as probate.

Hiring an experienced law firm and a lawyer who can help with wills is recommended as the probate process is complicated, housing legal and tax issues which need to addressing.

Elder Law is a very broad area of law, including various aspects of the law, such as real estate, guardianship, and probate. The difference between elder law and regular law are the lawyers that practice it. While most any lawyer can help you create your will and draw up an estate plan, the issues are more complex when dealing with elders. Experienced elder care attorneys, such as Lori Somekh will be versed in matters affecting this population, like social security, long term care insurance costs, nursing home policies, etc.

Nursing homes and their policies can be very complex. They can reduce the patients’ rights, so you need someone who understands these systems, such as elder law lawyers.
As attorneys specializing in elder law, we are flexible and accommodate ourselves to the needs of the client and have a variety of legal tools and techniques tailored to suit your needs. Somekh & Associates take into account the issues that this population faces, such as health and long-term care, quality of life, independence and financial well-being.

Trusts and Estates

Medicaid Lawyers

Medicaid is a health program, made available to eligible low-income individuals, families or elders who cannot afford complete medical coverage. One of the fastest growing areas of Medicaid is nursing home coverage, which is a vital issue in elder law.

Medicaid lawyers perform various types of work in the areas covered by this program and can guide their clients through an application or claim denial or how to apply for the correct program, to receive all benefits. Somekh & Associates can assist elder clients, and their families create a plan that ensures they are or will be eligible to receive Medicaid assistance, and appeal any denials or wrong decisions taken by these or other insurance companies.

Medicaid attorneys are usually able to assist an elder or their family with any issues relating to Medicaid. For example, nursing homes will not always be covered by Medicaid, or they are only covered in very specific situations. If a nursing home is not required, then Medicaid benefits can sometimes be used to cover in-home care. We will explain all the available options and get the best care for you or your elder family member.

Elder Law Medicaid Planning: Obtaining Medicaid assistance is a complicated process, which can involve many forms and questions. Somekh & Associates are knowledgeable and practiced in this area so we can help you with your application, and you have the best chance of receiving all necessary benefits.


This process includes preparing any necessary documents to pass your estate to your dependents or heirs. It usually includes preparing a will, and the desired outcome is to avoid estate tax and probate, while making sure the estate go to the correct people.

Elder estate planning is essential, as it allows the person to ensure that all of their estates will go to the people they want, how and when they want it. It allows the elder to save on taxes, attorney fees and court costs. It also provides peace of mind, as it assures the person that whenever they pass, their family or dependents will have one less thing to worry about.

At a minimum, estate plans should include a durable power of attorney to have someone manage your property during your lifetime if you are incapable of doing so. Estate plans should also include a will, so your property is maintained and distributed once you’ve passed.

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If your family is in need of an expert advice from Elder Attorneys, then give us a call. You can schedule a free consultation, either in person or over the phone. Somekh & Associates are here to help with making your life better and make any unwanted transitions smoother, save your assets and family wealth, using New York state laws to your advantage.

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