Important Documents to Take Care of During the Pandemic

Hi. It’s Sunday. I’m recording from my home office again. And I wanted to talk to you a little bit about. What could help us feel a little bit more empowered during this time of fear and uncertainty? I think that we ought to be thinking about do we have our documents in place. My mother in law got the coronavirus and was hospitalized over the weekend and my sister in law called me a few minutes ago.  She said, “Do you know where her health care proxy is?”

Now, fortunately for her, I did. So I do know where it is. It’s scanned into my computer at the very least. So we will be able to follow that and use it if it’s necessary. It’s actually is kind of necessary already.  But I want to kind of put that out there to everybody, that this is something that you can do to be a little bit proactive while we’re kind of sitting on pins and needles waiting to see. How we’re affected by this outbreak.

If you don’t have a health care proxy, not the health care proxy for anyone who doesn’t know is the document that says this is who I want to make decisions for me in the event that I’m unable to make them for myself.

That’s very critical. So that’s something that we will do.

By video conference, we need witnesses and we need notarization. The governor signed an executive order authorizing us to notarized documents remotely over video conference about a week or so ago. And we were able to help you with documents via video conference. I mean, you know, there are ways to do it. And we’ll go through the logistics with you.

But if somebody needs to get in touch about getting health care proxy done, also a power of attorney is very important. If your loved one is in the hospital, for instance, you may need to do many things with their accounts. You may need to pay their bills. You may need to arrange home care for when they come home.

And of course, I’ve also gotten calls from people who want to get their wills done, which is also a very important thing to do right now. It’s something that you can do proactively while you’re sheltering at home. So give us a call. We will be happy to. You know, to take care of this stuff for you. It’s been a very, very hectic time in my office. Probably in everybody’s office. We’ve had a lot of patients have patients, clients who’ve been affected by the Corona virus.

As you might imagine, dealing with a lot of nursing home patients. So it’s been pretty, it’s been pretty tough and pretty hectic. But this is some really important stuff that you might want to address right away. And it might give you a feeling of at least being on top of what you can be on top of. Call us.

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