Meet Dr. David Ajibade

(Medical Doctor, Health Educator, Entrepreneur):

Keeping Your Marbles!
Dr David educates audience members and consults with patients all over the world who are dealing with challenging brain conditions, with remarkable results. Through his foundation, he uses his discoveries to help alleviate the suffering of medically fragile children (especially those diagnosed with severe brain disorders, genetic disorders, and sickle cell disease (SCD)). BBF holds free clinics every Friday for children from low-income homes. Over the past five years, BBF has given out nutraceuticals worth over $490,000 to children and successfully treated over 350 children with SCD with an improvement
rate of over 80% (many of these recoveries have been captured on video).
The Federal Government of Nigeria has commissioned and authorized the Brain and Body Foundation to address health challenges using Dr Ajibade’s unique approach to mental health concerns, brain disorders and other non-communicable diseases in Nigeria and Africa. Dr Ajibade currently hosts

and presents a weekly TV show entitled: Your Health in Your Hands, an innovative show focused on educating the Nigerian public on health matters of special importance to people of African, specifically Black African origin. In this brief talk, Dr David will be drawing from his wealth of experience treating brain disorders to discuss practical ways you can preserve the health of your brain and reduce the rate of memory decline that comes with age – things you can do, things you should avoid. He will also discuss what you can do when brain function is lost or compromised – whether as a result of a stroke, Alzheimer’s Disease, undergoing cancer treatment, or incapacitation for any other reason – practical steps to rebuilding brain health. Dr Ajibade is a former Oklahoma Racquetball State Champion.

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Meet Lori Somekh, Esq.

(Elder Law Attorney, Queens NY)

Keeping Your Money – and Avoid a Long-Term Care Nightmare
No one enjoys thinking about what life would be like if we became incapacitated. And when it comes to our elderly parents, most people are reluctant to have these conversations with Mom or Dad. This is where the expertise of an Elder Law Attorney is most needed. If this was not abundantly clear before Covid-19, it is at the forefront of our concerns for our elderly now. Learn what you need to know in 2021. Lori R. Somekh is the founder of Somekh & Associates, PLLC, an elder law firm serving NYC, Long Island and surrounding areas since 1997. Ms. Somekh serves her clients’ needs with vigor and high energy. She’s especially determined to help those in need in the area of health. care and family wealth. With more than twenty years of experience, you are in good hands with Ms. Lori Somekh! Lori’s job is to act as advisor and advocate. She deals with the weighty problems of the elderly, their families, and caregivers.

In this talk, Attorney Somekh will discuss the biggest threat to your life’s savings – which is long-term care, and she’ll teach you what things you can do beforehand to avoid a devastating loss of your money, and hence, your independence.

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Education and Training:

He received his medical degree from the University of Ibadan and worked in the Radiotherapy and Oncology (cancer) Department at the National Hospital, Abuja before leaving for the United States to pursue a more complete study of health, medicine, and human life. He has devoted the last twenty years of his life to studying how the human mind and body work, with a focus on understanding how to optimize their performance. He has also had a keen interest in identifying and studying some of the best researched and most critically acclaimed discoveries in medical science, especially in the fields of brain function and cancer.

Using technology and the Internet, he has reached and educated people of different races, ages, backgrounds and educational levels all over the world on the most important aspects of health and life. In doing this, he has built a network of medical professionals in the US and Canada and a vast library of videos, audios, handouts and text materials on topics ranging from the latest and most effective treatments for cancer, to how to raise intelligent, healthy, emotionally adjusted children, to the most effective approaches to optimizing and balancing hormones, to how to prevent many of the ills plaguing our societies today.

United Nations Foundation:

As a consultant to the United Nations Foundation, Dr. Ajibade played a key role in the drafting of Nigeria’s first comprehensive eHealth strategy draft. This was a collaborative effort between the Federal Ministries of Health and Communication Technology and major telecommunications companies.

Through the media, live seminars, trainings and collaborations/partnerships with government and non-governmental organizations, he is focused on bringing his experience, expertise, and connections to improving the delivery of health care in Nigeria and of the health of Nigerians as a whole.

In the Media:

Dr. Ajibade has appeared on several radio and television programs, including Channels TV, TVC, NTA, and AIT. He currently hosts a weekly TV show on Africa’s largest television network entitled: Your Health in Your Hands.