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What I Learned from COVID Part 3

What I Learned from COVID Part 3

“Clean House” After being out at the beginning of the year because of a major COVID ordeal, I’ve decided to share my story, along with a few tips to help my clients avoid a similar nightmare situation. If you’ve just stumbled upon this post, be sure to check out Part One and Part Two for […]

What I Learned from COVID Part 2

What I Learned from COVID Part 2

“Act Immediately” At the beginning of this year, I was out of commission dealing with a major COVID-19 ordeal. I have decided to publish this three-part blog series in order to provide actionable tips anyone can use to avoid a similar nightmare situation. For the full context of my story, you can visit the first […]

What I Learned from COVID Part 1

What I Learned from COVID Part 1

“Know Where Everything Is” You recently received a newsletter from me for the first time in a while about the new Medicaid home care rules and pooled trusts.  As some of you know, I was out of commission for a while at the beginning of the year due to COVID.  It was quite an ordeal. […]

Legal Docs for Kids

Chad                                    00:03                    Hi everyone. Chad Burton here. This is a special event. Let’s call it that cool Lori special event where, um, Lori and I have been chatting about, uh, her practice and clients and different things. And this topic came up that we thought, you know, it’d be really good idea. Let’s record an […]

Avoiding financial nightmares with long-term care

Avoiding Financial Nightmares with Long Term CareTranscription of an Educational Talk from Lori Somekh [00:00:14.780]  So what if you’re walking across the street and a cyclist comes barreling around the corner and Bam knocks you down? You hit your head, you’re unconscious, you’re rushed to the hospital, and you need emergency surgery. The good news […]

Why is Now the Right Time for Medical and Estate Planning?

If you haven’t started your estate planning yet, we don’t hold it against you. There are so many reasons why individuals might choose to put it off. At the end of the day, you’re still healthy and will have plenty of time to get to your estate planning down the road. This may be true, […]

Why You Need A Plan Yesterday for What Could Happen Tomorrow

Elder attorneys are specialized for seniors' needs.

The only thing certain about life is that nothing is certain at all. Unfortunately, we really have no way to know what tomorrow will bring. However, if we start planning now, we can provide our families with prompt closure when the time comes to leave them behind. Here are four reasons why we should be […]

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